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The more you know, the more you’ll appreciate NextAgency.

Helping You and Your Clients Succeed

NextAgency is insurance agency software that delivers agency management and CRM tools through NextBroker and employee management support through NextHR.

NextBroker is a powerful and easy-to-use agency management system with CRM tools for health and life agencies. Whether you sell group or individual insurance, employee benefits, life insurance, senior products or P&C, NextBroker’s agency management and CRM features help you save time, money and clients.

Be Efficient with CRM Tools

Here’s how you can grow your agency with our CRM tools:

  • Organize your daily routine with a personalized timeline
  • Automate your sales and marketing processes
  • Access your data from whenever you need
  • Track your prospects and clients
  • Never miss a commitme
  • Close more sales deals

Learn more about NextAgency’s CRM Tools.

Track Commissions Quickly and Easily

NextBroker makes it easy to upload and audit insurance commissions. As a result, you get what you’ve earned and save your precious time, focusing on your clients and prospects instead. Besides, NextBroker makes quick work of commission splits by generating commission statements for sub-agents and shared cases.

Learn more about Commission Tracking.

Track and Record Employee Benefits

NextBroker’s powerful benefits functionality helps you assign benefits to your prospects and clients as well as effectively manage those benefits. You can easily create your own benefit policies, edit existing ones, and manage both current in-force and past policy information.

Learn more about Tracking and Recording Client Benefits.

Track All Agency-Related Files

NextBroker’s files library gives you quick access to all files that are related to your agency and to user-friendly file management features. You can organize your files into folders, drill down the folder structure, arrange your files and folders list the way you like, and generate shareable links for others to click and download from.

Learn more about Tracking All Agency-Related Files.

Automate Sales and Marketing Processes

Forget about tedious, time-consuming tasks that require manual input.

NextBroker automates your entire sales and marketing process from quoting to proposals and enrollment, regardless of the carriers or general agents, quoting or enrollment platforms you use. As a result, your team will close more sales deals because they’ll know the due dates of their tasks and status of each prospect.

Learn more about Automating Sales and Marketing Processes.

Track Leads

NextBroker allows you to track your leads throughout the entire sales cycle and define the most profitable sources of leads. Besides, you can monitor your marketing campaigns and make decisions on the data that you get, such as which prospects need more resources and which ones should be put on hold. As a result, you’ll stay up-to-date with the marketing processes that take place in your agency.

Quickly Find Necessary Data

NextBroker offers advanced search functionality, which can help you not only narrow down your search results by specific criteria but also save those results for future use. Type in keywords and surface comprehensive results, such as cases, contacts, notes and tasks.

Learn more about Filtering Leads and Saved Searches.

Access Everything from One Place

The NextBroker dashboard gives you an overview of your business. From here, you can quickly access the most important NextBroker tools from one place, view and search for all your prospects and clients, access all important agency-related files and folders, generate comprehensive agency-related reports, and view all of your tasks and notes.

Centralize All of your Emails in One Place

NextMail brings your inbox into NextAgency. Add as many channels as you’d like. Choose an assignee for clear ownership of each conversation so no message slips through the cracks. NextMail can help you optimize communication with your prospects and clients by offering templates and automated email reminders. You can also use NextMail for internal communication between agents.

Learn more about Using NextMail to Manage Team Email Communication.

Capture Leads

NextBroker provides integrated lead forms that can help you capture leads on your website, import them to NextBroker, and assign them to corresponding agents. Together with our automated email marketing engine, lead forms ensure that your team members never miss any important follow-ups so you can stay on top of each conversation.

Learn more about Using Lead Capture Forms on Your Website.

Data Protection & Storage Backups

We adhere to among the highest available encryption standards, 256-bit SSL encryption. Data is transferred with high-grade TLS and multi-layered encryption at rest with AES-128. Encryption keys are stored separately from your data.

We store backups in multiple secure locations and update them throughout the day, every day.

Learn more about NextAgency Security.

Add value by helping clients grow their business.

With NextHR, our free and easy-to-use employee management system, your clients spend less time administering HR and benefits and more time growing their business.

Optimize the Hiring Process

Make it easy for your clients to grow their company by optimizing the hiring process with NextHR. Your clients can easily customize an enrollment kit for each new employee, with all needed forms and documents available at any time and from any device. It’s also possible to import large amounts of employee data with NextHR’s convenient bulk import feature.

Learn more about Optimizing the Hiring Process.

Report Employee Data

With NextHR, employers can create reports that are needed to send data to their payroll company, ACA compliance service, HSA administrator, or any other vendor. They can share a report with selected managers to better understand and manage their workforce and benefits, making the information both available and private. It’s also possible to export data to an Excel spreadsheet and create a report-based template with just a couple of clicks.

Learn more about Employee Data Reports.

Simplify the Onboarding Procedure

After the hiring process is complete, an employee needs to undergo onboarding. We designed NextHR with simplicity in mind, both for employers and employees. NextHR guides an employee through each step of the onboarding procedure, making it as straightforward and transparent as possible.

Learn more about Simplifying Employee Onboarding.

Easily Track Time and Manage PTOs

NextBroker’s files library gives you quick access to all files that are related to your agency and to user-friendly file management features. You can organize your files into folders, drill down the folder structure, arrange your files and folders list the way you like, and generate shareable links for others to click and download from.

Learn more about Tracking All Agency-Related Files.

Stay Front and Center with Clients

NextHR provides your clients with a custom HR portal. Each client portal is private, secure, and branded with your agency’s name and contact information. A custom portal is a powerful way to remind the clients of the value that you deliver every day.

Learn more about Staying Front and Center with Clients.

Benefit from Vendor Libraries

No more hunting for critical HR forms, vendor contracts, or the right phone number. With NextHR, your clients get convenient access to everything they need, for every vendor they use, from any device, and at any time. And the NextHR permissions system makes sure that only authorized employees can view and edit certain documents.

Learn more about Vendor Libraries.

Securely Manage Files and Forms

With NextHR, your clients and their employees can quickly and securely access files and forms that are related to each prospect or client. For more security, NextHR has implemented an advanced permissions system, which controls the access of employees to specific documents, depending on their position in the company.

Learn more about Managing Files and Forms on NextHR.

Once you’ve made the decision to take your insurance agency to the next level by investing in NextAgency, you want to start using the platform as soon as possible. That means getting your current data into NextAgency as soon as possible.

We make on-boarding your current data easy with NextConcierge — our free, fast and trustworthy on-boarding service.


Send Us Your Data

You get us your data in whatever HIPAA-compliant way works for you: upload to an encrypted cloud drive; send us a thumbdrive; or put a bunch of paper in an envelope.

Processing and Uploading Your Data

Our experts will thoroughly review what you’ve sent and come up with an action plan. We’re especially good at moving data from older CRM systems like GBS, Salesforce and ACT.



NextAgency Portal Ready For Use

Your data is now fully uploaded and ready for use. Get back to doing what you know best: selling and servicing your clients. One day we may charge for this awesome service, but for now, enjoy!